I write a bit, eat a lot. Observant fellows may recognise me as the editor of Crumbs magazine for Bath/Bristol and the Cotswolds and I am also a freelance food writer and home economist. You might have seen my work before in Fabulous Food magazine, Lovefood.com, The Welsh Menu and the Guardian Word of Mouth blog. I’ve been writing about food (and other things) for about 10 years now. Views are 100 per cent my own: that’s not to say they are remotely interesting. However, keep reading if you like cooking, eating out and general foodie nonsense from the South West and beyond.

I can’t imagine why you’d want to copy my work, but all copyright is © Cotswoldcapers.

If you want to contact me about testing a product or if you’d like me to write for you, or develop a recipe, email me at lauraroweeats (at) gmail (dot) com. I am also available for home economy work and food demonstrations.

I am on Twitter as @lauraroweeats and @crumbsmag if you want a much more succinct version of this blog. I can’t guarantee it will be any more witty. Thanks for reading!


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