The death of toast

eggs, chorizo, tomatoes, thyme, pitta bread

Made in only five minutes – take that toast!

I watched an episode of Come Dine With Me the other day (don’t judge me, we all do it) and a contestant’s top three favourite foods of all time included sausages, sliced cheese and toast. It got me thinking: am I normal? You see, I’ve never, ever, liked toast. It’s dry, bland and abrasive in the mouth. I don’t even like cereal. I admit I dabbled with porridge and had a few experimental years at university with Weetabix but nothing has ever really stuck. My breakfast ritual consists of homemade carrot, ginger and apple juice (if I can be bothered). Except, that is, for the weekend.
On the weekend I celebrate the gift of time. Most often I’ll make eggs Benedict (our favourite breakfast) but if I need to crack on I’ll make a breakfast that is almost as quick to make as toast. And here it is. It’s a very quick and simple version of huevos rancheros but I am not apologising for that! It is packed with flavour even though it is made with only five ingredients and it takes only five minutes to make.
Let me know what you make for breakfast on the weekend and if you try out my recipe below!

Five-minute, five-ingredient Spanish eggs
(serves two)

2 pitta breads (I toast mine straight from the freezer)
4 tbsps diced chorizo
8 tbsps tinned chopped tomatoes
4 stalks of thyme
2 eggs

1. Turn on the grill and let the pitta breads toast. Place a frying pan over a high heat until it is smoking, then add the chorizo. Toss until the amber oils are released from the sausage and it starts to crisp. Add the tomatoes and thyme (I used some from my garden) and bubble on the high heat until it reduces and goes thick (this will take 2 mins). You can add broad beans now if you still have any left but mine aren’t quite ready in the garden yet.

2. Turn over the pitta breads over under the grill and make two wells in the tomato, chorizo sauce and crack in the eggs. When the white starts to lose its translucency, season with salt and pepper and then place the pan under the grill for a further minute until the egg white is set and the yolk is still runny.

3. Place the pan on a wooden board and dunk in the toasted pittas to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

  1. Thats looks and sounds DEEEEEE-LISH…… I’m doing one tomorrow.!!

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