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I’ve never been one to make new year resolutions. If I haven’t already made the change – let’s face it – it’s not going to happen. But this year I have made more than a few life-changing decisions.

I’ve moved house, not just down the road but to a whole new county. This Cotswold Caper has just moved to the border of West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. I’ve moved from a one-bedroom flat in a town to a two-bedroom barn conversion in the middle of nowhere.

   I’ve also, probably more importantly, changed jobs. For the past four-and-a half years I worked for a wonderful publishing company in Bath first as an assistant editor, then as an editor) producing local lifestyle magazines. Now, as of 3rd January, I am a food writer at Fabulous Food magazine: a national, newsstand magazine which includes more than 100 recipes each issue. If you like food, you’ll love this magazine.

   And, so I am pretty happy. I love my house, I love my job, and I love Mr Cotswold Capers who has moved right along with me. I am even more obsessed with food than before and I will be furiously blogging about my new adventures now I have some precious time on my hands. Did I mention I only have a 10-minute commute now? Joyous.

   So readers, apologies for the smug nature of this post but I just wanted to give you all a quick update (all 14 of you). Keep reading, commenting and if you want to know more, follow the Fabulous Food FB and Twitter pages (I’m contributing to those too!).


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